What does capitalism mean?

The state of existence, where no one is as hopelessly enslaved as someone who mistakenly believes he is free” – from Marx to Goethe.

The capitalist purpose is the constant production of surplus-value and concentration the property of capital. This is the mode in which people meet themselves in the process of production to make more money from the extraction of surplus-value. They are not equal people. Those who extract the surplus-value are those who have a dominant position in the relations of production. They are the capitalists.

marx 4

The Gross Domestic Product is privately owned by the capitalists, per definition and practice. It is the capitalist who appropriates all the value of labor. That is why capital rules both the state and society.  And the capitalist state, created by the ruling class, is responsible for taking care of that order of things.

The power that the capitalist holds over labor allows him the appropriation of the value of work. The appropriation of the entire GDP, that is to say: the appropriation of all value-added work. This is possible thanks to the socioeconomic relationship upon which the capitalist mode of production works, where the workers remain wage laborers. Then as the powerful king, the capitalist redistributes the value-added:  in salary (paid labor) and profit (unpaid labor). The profit ends up being two-thirds of the value of the work, for the salary has a third of that value. This is the rule (see graphic for Poland).

But the exploitation of the worker, the producer of any value, in capitalism is not reduced to the direct expropriation of the value of labor. Once stripped of this value by the capitalist in the social relations of production, the worker, and the absolute majority of society, is subject to expropriation throughout the economic system, in which the financial system carries the singing voice. The salary is never enough to buy what is needed, then we must go to the banking system to submit ourselves to that other level of predatory expropriation.

That is the reason why in capitalism all of us, salaried workers, is a mass of slaves of those who hold capital. The mass of wage laborers that are sentenced to work for capital owners in order to make their exclusive accumulation of capital possible. The mass that actively works for its own slavery. And just because the value of labor in capitalism is not a social property.


Graphic based on the appropriation of the value of work in Poland, according to 2014 data.

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