A group of Polish young thinkers of an enlightened approach in understanding the danger that capitalism breeds upon the humanity and the earth, writes a letter which they will give to the Pope personally during the World Youth Day event in Kraków.

These are critical reflections in the spirit of philosophical humanism and Marxist political economy. Ultimately The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it. Christianity is essentially a faith that stays within the area of Marx’s philosophy on human beings. Jesus’ understanding which states “And again I say to you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” isn’t only a religious confession. It’s a materialist consideration of socioeconomic, interpersonal relations.    

The thoughts that the authors of the letter share with the Pope demonstrate humanist depth while posing at the same time fear and concern for the fate of human kind in the dimension of planetary cosmogony. A planet, which bred the most well-known to us form of intelligent life in the universe. The text reflects fears, contradictions, criticism, doubts and a belief that the human being will survive after all.

„The rising tide of poverty inequality, often blamed on the globalization and rapid societal changes, proves in fact that the capitalist system is reaching its final inevitable form of imperialism – what Your Holiness observes Yourself – with terror attacks and chaos spreading like a pandemic around the globe, the most dire symptoms of a broader sickness of uncertainty, fear, inequality or exclusion that leads to barbarism” – so write Jan Zygmuntowski, Piotr Komar, Paweł Łangowski, the creators of the letter.

„We need a new mode of production of material life conditions and social reproduction in order to establish a sustainable model of development and to attain a humanist civilization” –adds Nicole Ostrowska Cobas, who also had the opportunity to translate into Spanish the letter.

Something undoubtedly important has taken place. Polish youth, the new generation, along with the religious one participating in meetings with Pope Francis, was targeted and struck with the aim of ideological neo-capitalist transformation, which Poland is a victim of. And yet the earth moves around the sun, that is the progressive message given by that part of the youth, which delivers an intellectual and political challenge. This youth understands that a man is a social being, which in order to survive and to continue to develop in the necessary symbiosis with the natural environment, is “doomed” to the dialectical negation of the pathology, in the cultural sense, that is capitalism. They ask, in all, Pope Francis, to not let the spirit of Liberation Theology in his Holiness go out.

Positive liberation does not reside in limply entering the post-capitalist era, but in the formation of a community which is a conscious alternative to the capitalist mode of production of material and social reproduction.